PJLink is a controlling protocol for projectors.

A feedback of the projector will return within the IO Connection. (Status)

The PJLink IO Connection provides trigger event maps.
Different commands are avaiable wich could be maped to different trigger like a Button, Timeline, trigger nodes and many more.

MQTT IO Connection

Name Description
Remote Host Is the IP address of the projector.
Remote port communication port to the projector.
Interface This is the IP address of the local network interface (NIC) which should be used for this connection.
connected boolean for connection status
Password password to connect to the projector


Trigger Event Map

Power Control

Command Description
Power Off Turns the projector off.
Power On Turns the projector on.
Cooling Bring the projector in cooling mode.
Warm Up Bring the projector in warm up mode


Command Description
Video ON Show the video signal.
Video OFF Blank the video signal.
Audio ON Unmute the audio.
Audio OFF Mute the audio.
Video and Audio ON Show the video and unmute audio.
Video and Audio OFF Blank the video and mute audio.

Freeze On

Send a freeze command to freeze the video signal.

Freeze Off

Send a freeze command to unfreeze the video signal.

Custom Command

Some projectors use differnet commands as defined.
For this case you can send custom commands.