Incoming tracking data can be recorded, exported and added to the timeline within SP.

This could be used as a safety net just in case the data connection is lost during a show, it can also be used as a replacement the data can be pre-recorded and played back in the timeline.

Recording Setup

Enabling recordings is available under the ‘Status’ parameter of input maps and the ability to record the input data can be enabled or disabled.

The recording section can be found under the ‘View’ tab. The recording can be started by pressing the red recording button.

While the data is being recorded the section will be surrounded by a red box and the recording can be turned off by pressing the word ‘recording’.

Recordings in Timeline

Recordings will be displayed with the date, time and duration of the recording and can be exported or added to the timeline.

The recording can be added to the beginning of the timeline or added from the point where the bar is. The recording is within its own block.

When the recording is added to the timeline a new recording layer will be added and the positional movement is colour coded.

Exporting Recordings

The positional data can be exported as a Fbx or CSV file, this can be saved externally and then opened within other 3D Softwares.