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StreamDeck Plugin

StreamDeck Plugin

work in progress…


Stage Precision » IO Connections » Controller

The controller section contains controller devices, these devices can be added in and programmed to control different parameters within SP. The IO connections within this section are: GamePad Joystick StreamDeck 15 StreamDeck XL 32 3D Connexion …


Stage Precision » Board & Nodes » Text » Trim

This takes in the source text and trim the source text about the defined start and end indices. Trim Text Setup Name Description Source This is the input text. Start Index This is the start trim location of the source…

Gradient Effector

Stage Precision » Objects » Effector » Gradient Effector

Coordinates Name Description Position This will move the object along X, Y and Z axis in the local space. Scale Scale of the coordinate system. To scale the Object check the settings under “Display” …