When SP initially starts up the objects view will be in the top left-hand corner. The objects section includes all of the scene building models, fixtures and shapes.

To add an object to the scene you first click the + icon.

The + icon opens up the options:

Video Tutorial – Object Tree

Object Colours

Name Description
Gray The object is unconnected.
Red A protocol is connected but the tracking data is not active.
Green A protocol is connected and tracking data is active.

Object Controls

Objects can be activated and deactivated multiple ways, the object can be ticked and unticked to turn the activity of the object on and off.
The object can be made visible and invisible by using the eye symbol on the object.

This can also be done to all the parameters within an object using the SP logo. When the object is deactivated it will be gray.

Object Movement

Name Description
E When the ‘locked’ parameter is turned off. Pressing ‘E’ axis arrows will appear and can be used to move the object in the viewport.
R When the ‘locked’ parameter is turned off. Pressing ‘R’ axis rotation will appear and can be used to rotate the object in the viewport.

Target Parameters

Target parameters can be selected using a drag and drop method.

Any object which affects or triggers an event of another object can be selected by using the target button and going through the various options or by using this method.

1. Open the object which is going to be affected, select and hold down the left mouse button.

2. Drag this parameter over to the object or node which contains the target button.

3. Once this object/node has opened. Drop this parameter onto the target button and this will attach the object/parameter to this target.