To create a lens profile you need to go into the Pool.

With a click on the (+) you can create a new Lens Profile.

Within the Lens Profile you can see the curve and additional informations about the lens and camera body inside the inspector.

The lens calibration wizard will store a single point dependent on the zoom and focus values inside these curve.

Single point calibration (Fixed lens with fixed focus)

A single point within the Lens Profile can be used if the camera has a fixed lens without changing focus.
The location from this single point really doesn’t matter as long only one point exist.

When a Lens Profile only has one calibration point,
the linked camera object will always represent the values from this
single point independently if Zoom or Focus values are changing.

Two point calibration (Fixed lens)

Two points within the Lens Profile can be used if the camera has a fixed lens but changing focus.
The location of the points within the zoom axis dosn´t matter, as long they are at the same zoom value.
For the minimum and maximum focus value should be each one point.

When a Lens Profile has two calibration point at the same zoom axis,
the linked camera object will only change values when focus will change.

When the two points are on different locations at the zoom axis,
the lens profile will not work correctly by changing the focus.

Multiple points calibration (Zoom lens)

By using zoom lenses, calibrations for different Zoom and Focus steps are necessary.
The best interpolation result is to have constant and uniform points inside the curve.
For each Zoom calibration two Foucus calibrations will be needed.

In this example six calibrations are done within the Zoom range for 0% Focus
and the same amount for 100% Focus.
This is a optimal Lens Profile, all values in between the calibration points
can be interpolated.

In this example the full range for Focus couldn´t be solved.
The Lens Profile will still work perfectly in between the green area.
Within the yellow area the Lens Profile will extrapolate the values
depending on the given points.
This works good in the most cases, but it can happen that the values
are not mathing 100% with the real camera.

In this example exist for 100% Zoom only one point at the Focus range.
In this case, when the Zoom reach this level, the lens profile will not change any values
when changing the focus.

In this example the last point within the Zoom range isn´t at 100%.
If the Zoom reach the red area, the values stays at the last calibrated
Zoom point.

Green area = interpolation
Yellow area = extrapolation
Red area = not working area (keeps nearest possible point)

Within this example the different Focus points are not close enough
within the Zoom locations.
To allign one Zoom axis, the differnt points shouldn´t have a further distance like +-0,5% to work.

Double click on a point to open the parameters menu.

To edit a single value double click on the parameter name to open the Parameter adjustment tool