Genlock is an important synchronization tool, which is able to sync cameras alongside generated timecode. Creating a very accurate way to align multiple sources and devices.

Genlock Setup

  1. Inorder to genlock devices, you need a SDI Capture card.
  1. The DeckLink IO connection then needs to be added, this is found under the timecode section.

  1. The device and connection source needs to be assigned – full setup of the IO Connection is found under BlackMagic DeckLink

  1. The Genlock provider needs to be assigned in the Time Manager which is found in the Status bar.

  1. The project process rate and genlock provider FPS need to be the same.

Timecode Setup

There needs to be an embedded timecode in the SDI signal.

Follow step 1 to 3 from above:

  1. Choose the Timecode Type, more can be found under the IO connection Timecode section.
  1. Define the Timecode FrameRate.
  1. Open the Time Manager and choose the incoming Timecode for the internal Times (Main, IO, Timeline or Recording).